About the Campus Agricultural Center (CAC)

The Campus Agricultural Center (CAC) is a 160 acre research, teaching, and extension facility, which supports the Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension (ALVSCE) Division.  Major departmental programs and facilities include Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation; Agricultural Research Center; Animal Science Teaching Faclity; Controlled Environment Agricultural Center; College of Veterinary Medicine Equine Center; Food Product and Safety Laboratory; Greenhouses; Tucson Village Farm and Pima County Cooperative Extension.

The CAC is currently home to over 70 different multidisciplinary research studies in the fields, laboratories, and greenhouses. The center is also used for both formal classroom courses in various subject areas as well as teaching in the form of Extension programs for both youth and adults.

CAC is a bio-secure facility for teaching and research and may have limited access.  


  • CAC Pavilion
  • CAC Silos
  • CAC Equine
  • CAC Equine Center