About SRER

Link to SRER website https://cals.arizona.edu/srer/

The Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER), founded in 1902, is the oldest research area maintained by the USDA Forest Service and has been a principal site for pioneer range research on the improvement and management of semiarid grasslands in the Southwest. The outdoor laboratory has provided a source for long-term ecological research. Results of this research have direct applicability to over 20 million acres of semiarid rangelands in the United States and to another 20 million acres in northern Mexico. The SRER is generally viewed as a world-class facility because of the long-term historical and biological data bases that have been maintained since its creation. The range has undergone major vegetational changes due to natural plant processes and management practices. The history of research, an environmental description, and a discussion on vegetational changes are provided along with a complete listing of scientific publications relating to SRER.