Al-Marah Equine Center

The Al-Marah Equine Center (AMEC) is an 88-acre equine facility located 11 miles east of the University of Arizona's main campus.

AMEC is a regulated, bio-secure facility for teaching and research.  Access is limited to the following:

1. SAES animal care and maintenance staff.

2. Active teaching role approved by SAES director and IACUC.

3. Active research role approved by SAES director and IACUC.

Boarding Rates: The UA Al-Marah Equine Center boards horses for University of Arizona departments or colleges for use in equine programming and teaching .  The 2023 daily rate/horse is $9.25.

*Rates are subject to review and may be adjusted annually to reflect current market conditions.  

For more information please contact the Campus Agricultural Center at 520-621-3246 or email

  • Al-Marah Office
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  • Al-Marah Office
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  • Al-Marah Field